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FFP2 FDA Approved KN95 Disposable Medical Mask (free shipping)

SKU: PPE14177(10/50/1000)
Barcode (GTIN): 06924542000035
Executive Standard: GB2626-2006

Non-woven high efficiency filter material, melt-blown fabric.
Manufacturer: Shenzhen Jianke Industrial Co., LTD, Xinshidai Gongrong Industrial Park, Siyan Street, Baoan Distric, Shnzhen. 

£ 19.90

Pack of 10

£ 98.90

Box of 50

£  1898

Case of 1,000

Recycled Assets

These are used products and as such may show signs of ware, however each unit has been tested and shown to function.

HP LE1901w 19 inch monitor

HP LE1901w LCD Monitor

19-inch Wide
VGA Interface
1440x900 Resolution

iomega storcenter ix2 nas

iomega 2-drive NAS

Perfect for home or small office
Cloud Edition for remote access to files
RAID support with automatic rebuild

Clearance Stock

Warehouse Deal

Osram GU5.3 LED 35W

Barcode: 4052899957756
Amazon ASIN: B01HD53E16

Take all price: £22

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Weber 6645

Weber BBQ set (6645)

Barcode: 077924011191
Qty: 1
Amazon ASIN: B00D814OQY

Price each: £24.99

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LOL Who am I

LOL Surprise! Who Am I?

Barcode: 9781912707966
Qty: 1
Amazon ASIN: 1912707969

Price each: £4.50

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NSPA replacement brushes

Octonauts GBG00-LV30-G1

Barcode: 5060080917334
Qty: 1
Amazon ASIN: B07CT2PC5V

Price each: £3.10

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Weber 6645

Octonauts GBG00-LV30-G1

Barcode: 6947731029136
Qty: call for availability
Amazon ASIN: B07YLB1LL9

Price each: £2.80

Trade Only - Cartons of 8

Weber 6645

Octonauts GB6675.1-2014

Barcode: 6947731021680
Qty: call for availability

Price each: £8.90

Trade Only - Cartons of 6

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