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Warehouse Clearance Deals

The Apex brand's bargain basement; discounted trade-only and consumer deals, not to be overlooked by those who are sourcing prudcts through creative means such as Online Arbitrage. 

All prices on this page are inclusive of VAT and orders above £150 are inclusive of UK delivery.


Weber 6645

Weber BBQ set (6645)

SKU: HG66380
Barcode: 077924011191
Qty: 6
Amazon ASIN: B00D814OQY

Take all price: £112
Trade Only

Weber 6645

Octonauts GBG00-LV30-G1

SKU: TG99080
Barcode: 6947731029136
Qty: call for availability
Amazon ASIN: B07YLB1LL9

Price each: £2.80

Trade Only - Cartons of 8

Weber 6645

Octonauts GB6675.1-2014
SKU: TG99052
Barcode: 6947731021680
Qty: call for availability

Price each: £8.90

Trade Only - Cartons of 6

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