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Apex business support group

The Apex business support group is on a mission to provide an inspiring and supportive environment for business owners of all kinds through it's growing network of peers. We are not a group of self-proclaimed advisors, coaches and mentors. Instead, we are business owners just like you and we want to help you grow your own business.


Challenges arise as you grow your business and failing to handle them well can have a detrimental impact on your ability to succeed. In these situations, it can often be difficult to find someone to turn when you need help. When you're part of the Apex business support group, help takes the shape of other business owners who are willing and ready to weigh in with a solution and they're always at arm's reach. The other members become your mentors and business advisors and so that feeling of being lost and alone is gone.


Growth is a fundamental component in every business, your competition grows and so must you. At Apex, we believe that setting goals and a focus on achieving those goals are the primary driving force to growing yourself and your business. When you become part of the Apex business support group, you'll be surrounded by brilliant people doing brilliant things. They'll help you think big, challenge you and help you to set achievable goals that steer your business towards growth. Every meeting is a chance to share practical steps towards success, your peers will help you to create focus and will hold you accountable.


If you're in business, you'll know how important your network is. The Apex support group is an extended social network for you and your business, allowing you to join forces with other open minded business owners, swapping skills, knowledge and connections. By becoming a member, you'll instantly add to your network and even gain from the networks of those around you. Networking is a powerful tool and that's why every Apex support meeting has significant time allocated to just networking.

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