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A big thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about us and what we do. I'm Jayson and I appreciate you didn't come hear to read my life story so I'll keep things brief. If you'd like to know more about me, I may get round to writing a bio over on the blog so watch this space,

The Apex Prophecy : A progress driven from innovation and disruptive methods, a growth resulting from big impacts made by little efforts and a diverse portfolio of businesses developed to withstand an evolving economy.

Our Values

The simplest and most elegant solution is often the most effective.

Zero ambiguity, zero distractions and zero noise. Hustle, not hassle.

Precision over speed every time. Quality, controlled!

Build on strengths and leverage weaknesses, be decisive and lead with clear priorities.

Go against every grain in order to promote growth and maintain freedom.

Just drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

The journey so far

Ever since I finished school, I fantasized about running a business. Over the years and either between or during full time jobs, I'd tried to get many different businesses started but that's all that ever came of any of them. Eventually, I started something that gained traction...

First Apex FBA shipment

Amazon FBA and Retail Arbitrage | A friend of mine dropped the idea of Retail Arbitrage onto me, it seemed like the perfect beginner friendly business and I was somewhat right as it doesn't require a lot of money or experience to get started. Within a matter of days, I shipped off my first batch of products for sale on Amazon.

Upping the prep gig |  Before long, I was sourcing large volumes of products each month to resell on Amazon and to keep up with prep and shipping, I moved into a business unit, created a team, some procedures and so everything ran like clockwork.

Apex FBA Jayson Keable
Apex FBA Prep Center

Founding Apex FBA Services | Prep and shipping for an Amazon seller is a beast, like a business within a business. From running this part of the business, I quickly learned that my best strengths were in developing systems, procedures and scaling up through automating them, precisely what a reliable FBA prep center needs. I just had to give it a brand.

Developing software | The prep center came under heavy demand in the first 12 months and with systems dependent on mostly spread sheets, it was clear that more refined automation was required and there was no off-the-shelf solution that would suite the needs of such a niche type of business. Working with freelance developers, I started to create my own bespoke set of applications.

Check-in software

Server Migration | Developing the software on hosted servers brought on frustrating limitations. I made the decision to invest in my own servers for the purpose of lifting those limitations. With the intention to sell my software as a service, setting up my own hardware infrastructure was a big milestone and will allow me to stay in complete control.

Founding Apex IT Services | With enterprise servers at my full disposal, my ambitions have grown. My goal is to host 5,500 websites or applications within 12 months of making the servers go live. To do this, I've set up sites4traders.com and sites4resellers.com as spin-off brands in order to generate new websites and apexit.uk to provide hosting services for other web developers.


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