Jayson Keable

I am an electrical design engineer by training and profession but a serial entrepreneur at heart, I have founded six businesses over the past 18 years. My first venture dates back to 2002 which involved providing engineering services for electronics prototyping. Shortly afterwards, I developed 36 Frames Later (pun intended), a photography service with an exclusive focus on 35mm analogue shots, this brand still exists today as a blog, educational platform and online store. Since then, I've co-founded a property sourcing and investment company, opened a farm shop & cafe with my wife in Northern Ireland and set up an automotive detailing brand, Apex Advanced Detailing. The detailing business was folded shortly after it was created, though the brand I created reflected my values and so formed a template for any other brand I'd create after it.

More recently, I found myself developing a keen interest in Retail Arbitrage which after learning about this area in more depth, I decided to invest a small amount into sourcing and selling products and within a year, I was able to start sourcing directly from manufacturers and distributors for a more sustainable cashflow. With the ambition to move this from a side-hustle and scale up the business, I recruited a warehouse assistant to oversee my Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) shipments. Systemizing the business like this allowed me to established a sister company for FBA preparation services as well as acting as a wholesaler for other re-sellers. Even more recently, I am running an education and mentoring program for new entrepreneurs to help them enter the world of online reselling by equipping them with creative sourcing methods.

I am constantly exploring and exploiting new opportunities. I comfortably throw myself into the creation of a new venture and I am always ready to embrace all uncertainties and risks associated with the early stages of startup commercialization. This entrepreneurial mindset has no doubt been born from my risk-taking nature; I'm an avid mountain biker, rock climber and all-round adventurer.

Throughout the years, I've learned to become more agile, resilient and nimble in driving the success of business. Passing on what I've learned to emerging entrepreneurs has been a fulfilling way to sustain and add to my entrepreneurial tendencies. 

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