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Amazon have made it harder to ship your FBA products

Here's one more reason why FBA sellers really don't like the new "Send to Amazon" worklfow. There's a way you can help to fix it.

A quick introduction to an upcoming project 

I'd like to quickly tell you about some software which we're currently developing in-house. Here's the link to register your interest.

36 Frames Later - Bio

36 Frames Later: My photography bio

My journey as a photographer. From film to digital, back to film again. Click on the link below to take a look at full article, learn why I exclusively take photos using 35mm film and how my journey as an entrepreneur started as a photographer.

Why hiring a cheap web developer is costly.

I seem to favor creating a video essay rather than typing an actual essay. Well, this time I'm looking for someone to re-work a botched job, I need a web developer who's more reliable than the last one. 

Reaching out to software developers

I require someone to develop a software tool to automate the process of scanning and receiving goods into my FBA prep service. Full details given in the video, click the link below if you'd like to apply.

Why I'm scaling up the FBA prep service

Ok, so linking to a vlog for my first entry may be a little lazy but as an established youtuber, some contect is easier to present this way, especially when all I want to do is mind-dump.

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