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We bring Amazon sellers of all sizes an FBA prep service with the Apex brand's most fundimental value at the core of our operation: simplicity. Freeing up more time to spend on your business is our business.

  • Transparent and simple price structure - We understand that prep costs should be easy to factor into the total cost of selling your products and so we've come up with a straight-forward and easy to understand price guide with no hidden fees. See here.
  • Your own dedicated account manager - As a fast growing business, we know the importance of outsourcing and leveraging tasks. A valuable component in our prep service is your own seller central account manager to manage inventory, create shipping plans and more at no extra cost, even for our pay-as-you-go account holders.
  • No minimum term contracts - This is like our guarentee to you. We're confident that our FBA prep service will fit neatly into your business. If it's not working out, you're free to leave at any time. 

You're in the right place for a fully managed prep service



The team at Apex FBA Services are on standby to take delivery of your goods at any time. However you source your stock and in whatever quantities, we'll unpack it, inspect it and store it securely. Once done, your account manager will issue you with an inbound stock receipt.



The prep team are at the heart of our operation, they take pride in their high standards and they take care of all aspects of your FBA shipment. Once your account manager has created a shipping plan, our team carries out all the necessary work to ensure your products are FBA complient. 



Once prepped, our team carefully pack your prodcuts and arrange for a courier to pick up the shipment. Whether your FBA shipment consists of a single box or a full lorry load, we dispatch your goods promptly to the appropriate fulfilment center.

No setup fee and 3 simple price plans to choose from

No minimum term contract and we're able to tailor our service to meet your requirements, get in touch to discuss details.


£ 0 per month
  • Fewer perks, though ideal for new sellers sourcing in low quantities, seeking lower risks or a means of try before you buy.
  • Free 30 days storage of any unit


£ 45 per month
  • A competative price plan designed to suit most sellers, especially those who are focused on scaling up.
  • Free 30 days storage of any unit


£ 95 per month
  • Ship in large quantities with confidence, with lower average prep costs per item and extended free storage.
  • Free 60 days storage of any unit

  Flat Rate Label
FNSKU Label Additional Labeling Bagging Bundling & Assembly31+ Days Storage61+ Days Storagepalleting
Pay-as you-go£0.75£0.20£0.25£0.08£0.15£0.45£0.12£0.22Exempt
Expert£0.45£0.15£0.20£0.05£0.10£0.35£0.08£0.15On Quotation
Professional£0.35£0.10£0.20£0.05£0.10£0.33FREE£0.12On Quotation

Flat Rate - Each item is subject to a handling fee which covers such things as inspection of your goods upon delivery to our warehouse, consumables used in the process of prep like tape and packing material, waste disposal/recycling and shipping labels.
Label Removal - Some products you source may require the removal of stuck-on labels. Your inspection report will give details and advcie.
FNSKU Label- Your unique product barcode which is created in Seller Central is required on the majority FBA units.
Additional Labeling- Some products or cartons require labels which display safety or advisory information such as suffocation warnings or "heavy box" warnings.
Bagging - All types of bag are included in this fee; polypropylene (with FBA approved warnings), heavy duty, bubble, zip-lock, ESD...
Bundling & Assembly - This may involve enclosing an instruction booklet or a discount voucher, replacing a US plug with a UK plug, applying tamper proof/void stickers or simply combine up to 3 products into one SKU or break down a multi pack into single units. 
Storage - This fee is applied to each unit for each day in storage beyond it's free period. 

Palleting - Sometimes it's more economical to dispatch your products on pallets. In which case, your account manager will be in touch to provide you with a quote for shipping to the fulfilment center.




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