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Weber 6645

ATmega328 AVR

SKU: ECA2261
Brand: Atmel
Model: ATmega428P-UP
Manufacturers: Microchip
Amazon ASIN: B019ILOE5I
Carton: 5

Weber 6645

ATtiny85 AVR

SKU: ECA2531
Brand: Atmel
Model: ATtiny85-20PU
Manufacturers: Microchip
Amazon ASIN: B089RNP27Y
Carton: 5

Weber 6645

x5 ATmega328 Maker Kit

SKU: ECA2262
Brand: ApexUK
Model: ATmega Build Kit
Manufacturers: Microchip
Amazon ASIN: B089VSPQG2
Carton: 1

Weber 6645

BRK 690MBX Heat Alarm

SKU: DIYT30351
Brand: BRK
Model: 690MBX
Manufacturers: Newell
Amazon ASIN: B07K7BG5BM
Carton: 10

Weber 6645

DJI Mavic MK1 Gimbal Cover

SKU: TG228
Brand: DJI
Model: CP.PT.000557
Manufacturers: Sunnylife
Carton: 10

Weber 6645

Lego Classic - Many Different Eyes

SKU: TG11916
Brand: Atmel
Model: 11003
Manufacturers: Lego
Carton: 6

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