Apex International Trading

A traditional trading business with modern values and strategies.

Apex Sourcing System

1) Source products from suppliers around the word.

2) Supply to customers in countries with the highest demand.

3) All piloted from an unfixed location, allowing growth and flexibility.

Through a variety of sister companies, Apex also provides a multitude of valuable resources to be leveraged by other traders and trading companies, particularily for those that sell online.


Apex FBA Services is an outsourcing solution for FBA sellers, allowing them to scale their business by means of a third-party logistics service specialising in inventory storage, prepping and shipping.

Apex Arbitrage Education

We offer motivating and energetic mentorship program which provides reliable guidance and resources to business leaders who adopt creative product sourcing strategies. Contact us for more details.

Freight Forwarding

Apex International Trading can act as your agent for organizing and shipping goods of any size and any quantity and from any door to any door. Click here to enquire. 

Current Inventory And In-stock Products. 

For the benefit of our current and prospecting partners, here Apex make available details of the products that are currently in supply to the consumer and (through our own brand of wholesale) to the online reseller. Click the link above to see what product are on offer through various online sales platforms.
Trade Deals

Warehouse & Clearance Deals

The Apex brand's bargain basement; discounted trade-only and consumer deals.

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